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Open China International Enterprise Limited
Two companies, Shenzhen Bishida Electronics Co. LTD and Zhejiang Lanxi Open China Electronics Co., Ltd.;
Production and sales of small aluminum electrolytic capacitors, large aluminum electrolytic capacitors, chip aluminum electrolytic capacitors, solid aluminum electrolytic capacitors, large film capacitors;
The company's capacitors in the servo life: flash capacitors, medical lasers, beauty equipment, industrial furnace, welding machine, audio, LED lighting, security, bargain, power, adapters, chargers and other industries have a certain market point Rate ...
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Power capacitor industry promising prospects
China Electricity Council Association of Power Capacitors Branch recently held its fifth five-member meeting, the National Energy Board Energy Saving and Major Equipment Division Li Zhi, National Ener……
Industry News
Electronic components industry: capacitor plate rose comments
Capacitor plate rose today, Jianghai shares, copper peak electronic daily limit, Farah Electronics rose 7.29%. We commented as follows: Super capacitor is bullish, as share price Catalyst: Yesterday t……
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Shenzhen factory:5th Floor, No.2 Building,Huafeng Logistics Industrial Park,Dayang Road,Fuyong Town, Shenzhen City
Zhejiang factory:No.46,Qiuling Road,Qinggong Industrial Park,Lanxi City, Zhejiang Province
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